Tales From The Mouse House Ep. 20

Originally Posted 5/29/2011

Welcome to Tales From The Mouse House – Disneyland Podcast Episode 20…OUR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY EXTRAVAGANZA!!!! (Yep, the name is a little different! Listen for details)

Yep, we made it to one full year! In this VERY SPECIAL (and LONG) anniversary special, we review a couple of rides, and a couple of places to get your feed on…BUT, with a twist! We review attractions and eateries from the first year of the Disneyland Resort! We also share three very awesome interviews with you, of three very awesome folks who epitomize the spirit and magic Walt Disney created in Disneyland.

We’ve gotten so many wonderful comments and emails from our terrific listeners over this past year, and we share a few of the most recent well wishes with you. Thank you so much for the comments…you know WE LOVE them!!

Thank you all so much for making Tales From The Mouse House – Disneyland Podcast so successful over this past year. We know full well that if it weren’t for you, we’d just be two geeks talking into microphones! We’ve loved sharing our passion for the Disney Magic with you and plan on continuing for years to come…or, until you tell us to stop!

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Thanks for tuning in. And remember….

….Make It A Magical Day! ~~ Al & Joyce