Tales From The Mouse House Ep 23

Originally Posted 7/25/2011

Welcome to Episode 23 of Tales From The Mouse House – A Disneyland Podcast!! Wow, episode 23 already, can you believe it? Us either! On this episode, we discuss some “stuff” from the Tales Household including our recent Haboobs and we finally found a place to board our baby puppy!!

We also spill the beans about some Disney related attractions being turned into Hollywood movies, a few that really have promise, a few that, well, listen to find out.

We have a special Hidden Treasures Segment to share that was actually contributed to by some of our awesome listeners, AND in our Attraction Reviews, good friend and listener Ben Gallegos shares his recent experience on Star Tours 2.0. Trust us, you won’t want to miss THAT!

On our last Minnie MouseCast, we launched a super special trivia contest that awarded the winner one of our brand new Tales From The Mouse House Podcast Tee Shirts! Well, we have our winner and it’s….now you didn’t think we’d reveal the winner here did you? You’ll have to tune in to find out who the lucky guy, or gal, is!

Visit us on our “new” website at www.talescast.com. This is the new home of ALL things Tales related, and there’s some pretty cool pages on the site as well, including a place you can make your donations (if you’re so inclined!).

Remember, you can send your comments, suggestions, feedback, requests or just greetings, to talespodcast@cox.net, leave voicemail for us on the Hotline at 304-TALES23, and feedback and ratings are always welcome in iTunes!

Thanks for tuning in to the podcast! We appreciate every one of you and are happy to call you friends. Take care and remember…

“Make It A Mickey Day!” ~~~ Al & Joyce