Tales From The Mouse House V.5

Originally Posted 10/26/2010

Welcome to Tales From The Mouse House video episode V5: Happiest Haunts 2010! In September, Joyce and I took the Happiest Haunts Tour and it was amazing! Funny, informative and SCARY!!! Our tour guide, Gracie, took our group on a fun, fact filled tour through the Disneyland Resort, with stops at 5 of the most horrifying attractions EVER! Our tour was wrought with danger and…well…let’s just say mysterious happenings were afoot!

Enjoy this LONG (like, over 40 minutes of greatness!) special video episode of Tales From The Mouse House and don’t forget to tune in to our SPECIAL Halloween audio episode (and our 10th Episode Celebration) on October 30! You may hear some scary tales, get a crack or 3 at some Tales From The Mouse House Trivia Contests and learn a thing or two about Halloween!

You can get this GREAT video episode from iTunes, or from out Tales From The Mouse House Mac Site from the link on the left of this posting. You WON’T want to miss THIS!

Sit back, relax and enjoy this video episode of our Happiest Haunts Tour, and remember, you can send your comments to talespodcast@cox.net, join the fun on Twitter or FaceBook @talespodcast, or leave feedback in iTunes! Have a Magical Day! ~~Al & Joyce