Tales From The Mouse House Ep. 7

Originally Posted 9/6/2010

Welcome to Episode 7 of Tales From The Mouse House!

On this episode, Joyce and I discuss our upcoming trip to the Disneyland Resort! We also talk about some incredible Hidden Treasures like a unique musical Hidden Treasure, a horse with a “Gold Tooth” and a mythological Hidden Treasure!! Joyce reviews Gadget’s Go-Coaster and I regale you with my review of Splash Mountain in our Rides and Attraction Review.  AND…we air part one of our very special Skype Interview with Treks In Sci-Fi host, Rico Dostie! He has some pretty cool thoughts and memories of the Happiest Place on Earth.

We also challenge you to a special “hunt”, and if you can provide the answer, we’ll send you something really neat from the Disneyland Resort!

In preparation for our up coming trip, if YOU have any special requests for us to cover while we’re at the Disneyland Resort, drop us a line!

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