Tales From The Mouse House Ep. 119.5



Yep…episode 119.5. You read that right. Since we’re not going to record our usual Christmas EXTRAVAGANZA this year, we thought we’d just give you this special (and VERY SHORT) mini-episode. Our annual 12 DAYS OF DISNEYLAND CHRISTMAS song!! Enjoy!

From all of us at Tales From The Mouse House Disneyland Podcast, we wish you and yours a VERY Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and VERY Safe and Prosperous New Year! And keep an ear out – coming up in January, 2016, we’re back at the mics with special guest Jeffrey Barnes, a.k.a. Dr. Disney!

Special’ episode! Yeah, it’s a little early, but why not? On this episode, we share some Holiday Themed Free Stylin’ fun, Holiday Themed Tips and general Holiday Themed FUN!!! Oh, and we share a special announcement in Host Chat, so, you know, you don’t want to miss out on THAT.

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Thanks for making us part of your Disney experience and remember…

“Make It A Mickey Day!” ~~ Al & Joyce and Kate