Tales From The Mouse House MickeyMouse Cast 1

Originally Posted 11/4/2010

Well…at Tales From The Mouse House, we’re ALL about putting out things for our listeners! You’ve heard Tales From The Mouse House…and seen the Tales From The Mouse House Video Podcasts. You’ve heard our new Minnie MouseCast audio episodes, for when we only have a few things to say. But NOW…well, NOW you’re in for a treat!

For those “unscheduled” videos we want to share, Joyce and I have come up with…(insert drum roll here) the Mickey MouseCast! Mickey MouseCasts will be like the Minnie MouseCasts, only with video. So, when we have a video we’d like to share with you, our absolutely WONDERFUL listeners, and we’re outside our regular schedule of every two weeks, we’ll post a Mickey MouseCast for you! Hope you enjoy them!!

In this first Mickey MouseCast, (available right now in iTunes, and the Tales From The Mouse House Mac Site on the left) you’ll meet our new friends Tim and Frank! We met them on our recent trip to Disneyland on the Happiest Haunts Tour. These guys are great, we love them and we’re SURE you’ll love them too!! Also, we take you on the M.O.O. (Marine Observation Outpost). The Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage stationary observation capsule, for those of us who would rather skip the…well…cramped quarters of the subs!! As always, feel free to drop us a line at talespodcast@cox.net, check us out on Twitter and FaceBook @talespodcast or leave us feedback on iTunes!

Have a Magical Day! ~~Al & Joyce