Tales From The Mouse House V.6

Originally Posted 11/28/2010

Welcome to Tales From The Mouse House Video Episode 6: The Walking Tour! This is the walking tour Joyce and I took you all on during our September, 2010 trip…you remember…the 113 degree temperature visit! One warning though: This is a BIG episode. Literally. Nearly 36 minutes of us chatting and walking through the Parks (yes, we can do two things at one time!)

In this episode, Joyce and I take you on a tour of the Disneyland and California Adventure Parks, and show you the wondrous sites through OUR eyes! It’s a fun stroll through the Happiest Places on Earth, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed filming it for you. You can watch Episode V6 in iTunes, or by clicking on the “Tales From The Mouse House Mac Site” link on the left of this post.

If you have suggestions or comments for us, please send emails to talespodcast@cox.net, on our podbean site at www.talesfromthemousehouse.podbean.com, or leave feedback in iTunes. And remember, you can also leave us voicemail! Just call the Tales Hotline at 304.TALES23. We LOVE hearing from you all!

Thanks for joining us, and be sure to Make It A Magical Day! ~~ Al & Joyce