Tales From The Mouse House V.9

Originally Posted 5/15/2011

Welcome to Tales From The Mouse House Podcast – Video Episode 9! In this very special video podcast, we interview none other than Egon Bonkers, Anchor for the awesome Daps News Network (DNN), THE most comprehensive source for ALL Disney news and stories.  You can find the DNN at: www.dapsnewsnetwork.com

Join us as we get to the bottom of who this enigmatic news guy is, and discuss with Egon his humble origins and his lofty ambitions. Trust us, Egon is one very cool newscaster on the rise to stardom!

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Be sure to join us on May 23, 2011 for our special One Year “Podcast-iversary” show! Wow, kind of hard to believe that Tales From The Mouse House podcast has been around for a year already! If you’d like to send comments on what you think of the show for our anniversary podcast, please do. We’d love to hear them!!

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