Tales From The Mouse House Video 14 – Christmas Memories

Originally posted December 11, 2011

Welcome to VIDEO episode 14 – Christmas Memories! On this special video episode, we share some of our favorite video clips from Christmas Past at the Disneyland Resort – THE most WONDERFUL place to spend the Holidays!

Join us as we share with you Christmas melodies from the one and only Ragtime Robert – Main Street, USA’s beloved piano player, and Disneyland Christmas Carolers as they chime out beautiful Christmas songs. You’ll also see a snippet from the 2010 Disneyland Holiday Tour and hear some amazing Holiday facts delivered by the most awesome of Disneyland Tour Guides, Jason. And what’s that you say? Christmas isn’t Christmas without SNOW? Well, as only the Disneyland magic can bring, you’ll see SNOW in Southern California! You haven’t seen snow until you see it the Disney Magic way!

Thanks for joining us for this very special Christmas special. And tune in to Tales From The Mouse House – Disneyland Podcast on December 18, 2011 for our special Christmas 2011 audio podcast. We’ll share some of our favorite holiday memories, as well as some we’ve received from YOU! Plus, we’ve written a very special Christmas poem we’ll share with you. What a Christmas Miracle!

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Take care and remember…

—“Make It a Mickey Christmas!” Al & Joyce