Tales From The Mouse House V.4

Originally Posted 9/19/2010

Welcome to Tales From The Mouse House Video episode 4 – The Rides! In this video episode, enjoy the Mike and Sully To The Rescue attraction from Disney’s California Adventure, Disneyland’s Splash Mountain – the only attraction so far, to rate a 5 WEEEEE ‘s from Al, and Grizzly River Run from Disney’s California Adventure! Wow, two water rides! FUN!! It’s easy to get this episode, just click on the Tales From The Mouse House Photos link on the left of the home page, visit iTunes or Podcast Alley!

Let us know what you think! You can email us at talespodcast@me.com, post a message for us on Facebook or Twitter @talespodcast (c’mon, follow us!), or leave feedback for us in iTune. Joyce and I are leaving for our (much needed) Disneyland Resort vacation on Thursday (9/23/2010), so stay tuned, we’ll have a LOT more attraction video episodes for you to enjoy in the coming months, AND a LOT to talk about on our next audio episode. Remember, if you want us to cover something special for you while we’re at the Disneyland Resort, email us at talespodcast@cox.net, or post to our Twitter or Facebook accounts by Thursday morning!! Have a Magical Day! Al & Joyce

**Just a heads-up, we made a boo-boo (ok I made it, not Joyce). In the opening title sequence of the new Rides Video Podcast, it says “Video Podcast 5”, but that’s incorrect. It’s actually Video Podcast 4, so you haven’t missed one…yet!**